With a horrible pregnancy and not breathing or a heartbeat when she was born Anya was our miracle, we finally had a child. When Anya was about 2 I realized that her wprds were not coming out right, up untill then everything was perfect. After months of testing we finally got a diagnosis, mild to moderate Autism, until June of this year she seemed to be a "normal" child with quirks. I never really thought about it untill puberty hit ( we are a military family and the military never offered any assistance so I really didn't think anything about it, if it were important then they would have said something right?? (WRONG) and I started realizing things like she didn't have any friends, and she had an obsession with dragons and animals and she wouldn't look anyone in the eye. She also has an insensitivity to pain so baths and just playing still worry me.

In June of this year she had become very violent and was close to being out in a treatment center and the military finally decided to step in and start helping, and though the changes have been small I can see them , she goes to a Autism support group once a week, group anxiety therapy once a week and individual therapy at least once a week and it has been helping, she has also just recently (this month) been put into Special education. She is finally starting to be happy again and I am thrilled. I do not know what my life would be without her and I never want to know... Anya is my angel