Dani Bowman has been working professionally as an animator and illustrator since age 14, starting with the music video "The Cave" for the band "Arrest My Sister" produced by Joey Travolta. Since then, Dani has illustrated two books, won several awards for the animated short 'Eeyas Story', and has completed several commercial projects including titles for 'Power 1490, the Birth and Death of a Hip Hop Radio Station in Tuscon, AZ", and "Vegan with Joy" a vegan cooking show available on iTunes. During the summer of 2011, Dani will be teaching animation at three of Joey Travolta's Inclusion Film Camps. Beyond her commercial work, Dani aspires to follow in the footsteps of other cartooning greats with her own media company, Powerlight Studios. What is even more impressive is that Dani is autistic. Dani illustrates, writes and voice acts nine different cartoon series, each with about 30 unique characters. Her stories, and her own story, have captured the interest of several production companies with the goal of taking Powerlight Studios to network and cable TV. Dani came up with the name of Powerlight Studios at age 11, and shortly there after created her first series, "Gemstar & Friends", followed by "The Adventures of Captain Yuron". Dani's imaginative adventures are loved by kids and admired by adults for their magical simplicity and heart-warming story lines that capture the imagination