Grace makes life so much more exciting for all she comes into contact with. Even though she still struggles with close relationships, those who know her have been changed forever because of her zest for life. She does not know that she's special. She lovs animals, has a very tender heart for Jesus, and she is a bright spot in my heart that no one ever came close to filling. She adores gardening, jumps at the chance to create almost anything, is very helpful and most of all is unique in her own exquisite way. I seldom recall something her uncle said 3 years ago,"Dawn I used to pray that God would take away autism and make Grace normal; what I've learned is that she is normal we are all lacking." God blessed my family with a work of art, created by His hands and breathed on from His heart ... Her name is Grace and by His grace she is here to change the world of 'AWE'tism the way we know it!