My Daughter Was Diagnosed With Autism At Age 2 Her First Doctor Told Me Nothings Wrong With Her Shes Spoiled And She Will Be Fine Of Course I Knew Better !!!!!!!Shes A Beautiful Little Girl Who Pretty Much Just Wants To Be Heard ! When She Was First Diagnosed And We All Knew What Was Going On I Couldnt Help But Be Postive And Optimistic I Dont Know Why Most People Would Have Probably Have Gone In Denial Like My Husband Who Was In Total Denial And For The First 2yrs I Was The Fighter The Believer The Strong One Along With My Sister In law Who No Matter What Happened Between Us Always Put My Child First All Feelings Aside And I Thank God For That Everyday Because With Out Her And My Mother In Law I Would Be Lost Completely The First Year Was The Hardest She Started Her Therapies Speech Was One Of Them And Her Therapist At The Time Kept Telling Me That Shes Not Making Any Improvement And One Day She Walked Up To Me And Said Your Child Will! Never Talk Theres No Hope I Looked Right At Her And Told Her To Go Straight To Hell I Said No She Can Talk And Will Talk God Is And Continues To Stand By Her And She Continues To Make Strides And Accomplish All Her Goals And Prove And Continue To Prove Everyone Wrong Shes Speaking Now She Spoke At Age 5 And Now Shes 8 Going On 9 And Shes Speaking Arabic And English Who Knew