My Daughter Kali has always had problems since birth. Keeping formula down, acid reflux and slow digestion. She had notched teeth when her baby teeth started coming in and was seen by a genetics doctor here in our town and down at Minneapolis Children's hospital and it was always the same thing. "Well there's something but we just can't put it all together". I always knew deep down something wasn't right with her odd behavior. She would not play with other children, interact in activities, she would have thee worst meltdowns I have ever seen over the smallest things and it seemed to take forever for her to calm down. I brought her to her pediatrician 3 to 4 times and told him this behavior is not right there has to be something. They finally referred me to a developmental diagnostic center and they did 6hrs of extensive testing on he and two weeks later we found out she had High Functioning Autism. I always had that thought in the back of my mind that's what it was. No matter what the future holds for her I will ALWAYS be here for her one hundred percent and I won't let this disability from achieving her goals in life.