I have worked in the field all my life. Growing up it was normal for me to hang out w my mother who worked at a state hospital, going to parties or S.O. to volenteer. I had Lillian later in life. After cleaning up the Exxon Valdez spill and growing up in a toxic town maybe we are lucky she is the only one to have any kind of learning delays. Lucky for all of us though, I was working as an intake worker and we got her into an early learning program at 3. It saved us years of backtracking. Now at 14 I have this wonderful younglady who knows who she is. She knows there is no normal for any one. Everyone is special. The biggest blessing is how silly she makes life. To her (and for her) life is a silly game. We laugh alot. and why not. We rush too much. She loves to learn and to SING SING SING. I took her to Disneland once and she wore a minimouse outfit for the whole trip. she CRIED , she was 10, when she met GOOFY. YA that is my silly LILLY.