My daughter Danica was diagnosed at a very early age with Autism. She was diagnosed December of 2010. She is now three but we noticed at a very early age that something was very different with her. Danica is your typical three year old but just views the world differently than we do. Her diagnosis requires more structure and routine as well as visual pictures. She enjoys singing and dancing but struggles in the areas of sensory and social interation with new people. It has been absolutely amazing to see the progress she has made from the age of 15 months to where she is now. I want every parent to understand the importance of early intervention. You are your child's voice and if somebody isn't listening do not give up! If we had given up, I am not sure where we would be today. I thank God for her each and everyday.

I suggest anyone who doesn't know a lot about autism to read the posting of ten things every autistic child wants you to know. It really puts things in perspective and helps those who do not deal with it on a daily basis a better understanding