Zoe arrived on March 2, 2005 . I couldn't beilieve ,I was finely mother..Tears of happiness shead from my face, she was prefect!!!. All bundled up in pink with the sent of baby all around I tough, this is what being a mommy is all about!!!!!!!. After a few months of settlen in all was prefect ..Frist word Mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awwww,crawlling,walking all just normal....Then in a moment cloudy days began to shear over my sweet prinesess.She became frusterated,scared ,most of all in a world i'll never be able to join in open arms to save her from. In a moment of fear, dis- belief not knowing what happen to my once happy little girl, I started a misson to help save her from this so called AUTISM . I seeked ASD eduaction,Speech in effort to help her live a so called normal life. Threw this discovery I be friend many helpful people who understood my hurt and love for childern on the spectrum.They helped Zoe to understand her puzzle and how to bring joy to her life again.