Sarah is a shy, bright, wonderful, creative, smart 8 year old little gir,l who is on the Autism Spectrum, with Aspergers. She loves to line things up and organize everything even putting them in ABC order. She loves animals and art.  She loves math and science! She also loves to take pictures, watch tv and play video games. She looks like your typical child but has lots of sensory issues and hates being in a large crowd of people.  Her mood can change quick if it is to loud or to many people around her. She usually will cry and have a meltdown or go hide under a table but, she is improving all the time. She was diagnosed at age 5, so no early intervention. She has done ot, speech ,ABA, special diets, social skills classes ,play therapy and through all this she has come a long way. She is in a regular class room in 3rd grade with support but she is in the top 2% of her grade and in the gifted program at school. She is very smart but has some social difficulties which makes it hard for her in school. This year has been a hard year but she is getting through it.  They started switching classes in school and all the transitioning was a lot for her, but we are getting through all that. She has two siblings, a brother who is 13, and also is on the spectrum, and a sister who is 7 and takes very good care of her. Julionna checks on her Sarah everyday at lunch and is always helping her. She has come a long way! We love her so much and she helps make our family complete!