Kendall was born September 10, 2001. She was diagnosed with Bipolar Manic Depression at the age of 2. After years of medications and no doctor agreeing to test for Aspergers Syndrome I decided to stop asking. We started seeing a new psychologist and within 30 minutes of visiting with Kendall she asked... "Has she ever been evaluated for Autism?" I honestly felt a huge relief. FINALLY a doctor that is seeing things the way we are, without me having to say anything about it. Kendall is currently off ALL meds, which is wonderful because none of it was working at all, seemed to make everything worse, and she is doing really great. We have our ups and downs, she has moments of progress and then we have regression, and we have fits and emotional roller coasters we ride on almost daily, but I am honestly blessed to have a child like Kendall. There is no love like the unconditional love of an autistic child. I hope to be able to update this and give her "whole" story!