Bella is our very own little court jester. At the age of two, Bella was diagnosed with autism. After therapy and school, Bella has made great stides in the social world. At four years old she doesn't talk with any consitancy but somehow manages to make us laugh all of the time. She loves to run, jump, and spin and is happiest when she is teasing someone. She is a major daredevil scaring the hell out of me but making me smile at the same time. She is very loving and affectionate to all that she knows. Movies are her true love and musicals are her passion. Being around Bella warms your heart immediately. Watching her grow and learn fills us with hope. My favorite time of the day is when I put Bella to bed. For some reason she is able to speak a few words at this time of the day and has even said "I love you" to me once before. Our dream is that one day Bella will be able to answer us when we ask her how her day was.