This is the story of my daughter Kapri. During the time of her birth, we had a house fire and a death. Because of all of the stress accumulated, Kapri was born at 32 weeks. She was in the hospital for a month just trying to get well enough to come home. Growing up I always considered her my little indepedent "firecracker". She was always going. She seemed to have an interest in everything imaginable and a fear of nothing. It was when she started school that we noticed the change. The teachers at her school noticed that her speech was as understandable as the other children. Upon evaluation it was said that she had a speech delay. Ee tried to get her therapy for it' but there was a mix up in communication with the doctors. We then later moved. When we finally moved back to New York Kapri was no different but a lot worse. She started putting things in her mouth and running out of the classroom. She was not able to listen and understand the! teacher. she was also frustrated that noone could understand what she was saying. We decided to yet again take her to get evaluated. Kapri was diagnosed with ADHD and later PDD. She now attends a special school that is helping her to focus and learn and be around people like her. She also has a One to One teacher in the classroom in case she goes astray. She goes to Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy at her school. Her sppech is now getting better but she will always be my little "firecracker"