We knew from the beginning Katlynn was different. She was a twin. She was far behind her sister in all milestones and development. She was a picky eater (but a great breastfeeder) and was just a very unhappy baby. Once she hit toddlerhood we started getting OT, ST and play therapy services for her even though Autism still wasn't a question. Then one day her infant teacher suggest she be tested for a spectrum disorder. So with tears and fears we took her in and a couple week later we got the news she was diagnosed with speech delay, Sensory integration disorder and Autism. It was a blow. So we jumped on all services we could get and started ABA as soon as we could. It is been 1.5 years since her Diagnosis in August 2009 and she is a completely different kiddo. She clearly autistic, but she is social, talking and had very little sensory over-stimulation. She is still a ways behind her peers, but she knows all her letters, colors shapes and numbers to 10. She can tell you her name, age, address and city. She is a funny, quirky little girl and just a joy to our family.