My daughter was born April 15, 2008. While I was pregnant, my genetic testing came out positive. I was given an option for an amnio, but I refused. Whatever God gave me, I was going to have my baby whatever the outcome. Deanndria was boen healthy to my surprise. I had a visit to her pediatrician one day for a well visit. At tis time, she was about I believe 18 months. The doctor asked if she was talking. I told her no. She gave me a number to early intervention and ever since its been great. I have OT- Occupational Therapist and a Developmental ??? (don't remember). Deanndria had 3 genetic tests which all came out negative. Her eating habits were terrific. She would thry everything, raviols, pizza, roasted chicken. Now her appetite has gotten worse. She is a very picky eater, apple sauce , Gerber Graduates snacks. I give her 2nd foods veggies which she eats every and then. I give her Pediasure Vitamin Drink in chocolate which II'm so glad she drinks! It has as !

much vitamins as regular vegetables. Deanndria is doing well in Daycare. She counts from 1 to 13 LOL. She says 1 to 3 in Spanish. She repeats everthing. But, she is stubborn and goes through temper tantrums. She used to flap her hands a lot Which I've noticed has gotten better. She still toe walks occasionally. All and all I am most concerned about her speech. i hope no... I know she will surprise me one day and just come out with something like mommy I wanna go out or mommy I love you. She is afectionate, happy, always smiling little girl. I love her with every breath I take. God gave me her for a reason. She was made for me. I love her very much.