My beautiful Daughter Halie so misunderstood, At the age of 2 halie had her vaccines & ended up in ER with 106 temp. They couldn't get it down took 24 hrs and dehydration and lots of fluids we came home & it's like we completely lost our care free, happy, sociable, verbal baby girl. She went into a bubble, stopped talking & wouldn't look at us everything became repitition & a constant struggle to keep her happy & content. We went from a happy carefree life to being controlled by this child who just seemed so lost! My daughter is now 12 turning into a little woman with very little verbal skills & seeming to just constantly struggle in the world. I have to keep everything as stress free to keep her somewhat calm. We walk on egg shells trying to not set her off. She loves to ride her bike & swim & jump on the trampoline. She likes computers & playing video games. Wii is one of her favorites. Loves to learn & loves to ride a bus & go to school. She likes boys "sigh" lol, and likes having friends. Everything she does good, bad or different we love her all the same. My beautiful angel everyday is another day & a blessing all the same.