Jenni was our surprise package in 2007... At the age of 40, I was having another baby girl. My husband and I were so happy after the shock wore off... Jennifer was a healthy baby... she still is... never been to the doctors for an illness... She seemed to be developing normally... When she was 15 mos. with no words, I knew something was wrong. We had official diagnoses of Autism when she was 18 mos. Now for early intervention, speech therapy, play therapy, developmental pre- school, GFCF diet, Her eye contact and interaction is improving more and more, she is very affectionate, especially with me, her dad and 2 older sisters. She is going to be 4 at the beginning of 2011,Starting with a new psychologist soon, always looking for new therapy that might help her. She babbles all the time...although we have yet to hear her say mommy, daddy or anything other words with consistency. Jennifer is a blessing to our family... she has taught us the true meaning of unconditional LOVE, patience and not to sweat the small stuff. Her sisters have learned so much from her; they are 18 and 14 and are her second little mamas. Autism is so confusing; no one can tell you for sure what the future holds. It is a journey of ups and downs, I can be so frustrated one minute and overjoyed the next, I am looking forward to watching Jenni learn and grow in the years to come, Kristin