When found out I was pregnant I was scared and really not ready. Granted I was 29 and I should have been ready to have kids but I still wanted to live more. During my sonagram I found out I was having twins. That really made me panic but I was ready to put aside my current life and settle into the mini van mom life. I moved to the suburbs bought a townhome knowing the father may not be in the picture. He tried to be there and he was there for the birth of our twins. They were 38wks, Chloe was twin A and Mia was twin B born on July 24th 2005. It was a hard birth for me and I went into high risk and was admited back into the hospital shortly after coming home. I thought this was the reason Mia wouldn\'t latch....we never bounded like we were suppose to. Around 4 months I was noticing a few things wrong then at 5 months I knew....my child had autism. I didn\'t even know what autism was really...but I knew Mia was autistic. Little did I know that years later Chloe would also be dianosed with ASD. I struggled for Mia to get a dianoses. I was told over and over again that she can\'t be autistic because she is so loving. It amazes me how they can honestly say that to a struggling parent. All this was to much for their father and he moved back to the city. Finally at 2.5 years old Mia was dianosed with autism. Shortly after that I enrolled her into a specialized school for autism. I tried every \"cure\" keeping some because they did help with her sleeping or tummy issues. I was so disperate to hear her say mommy. Finally she did and she also made eye contact with me....real eye contact. I knew she saw me and was looking at ME. She can say a few words and sings like a little angel. She can\'t walk very well (didn\'t walk until she was 22 months) and it is a struggle to get her to sit still. But she loves Elmo, her books, mickey mouse and her GFCFSF Amy\'s mac and cheese. She goes through so much in a day....a struggle to just be heard. She is considered to be severely autistc while her sister mild. They are my reason for everything, the mom that wasn\'t ready but who is? Who prepares for this life? I didn\'t know how much I would have to fight for my kids but I wouldn\'t have it any other way. I love what they teach people and I know someday they will be doing something great or greater then what they are doing now.