Savannah's personality was obvious the first day she graced this planet. At around 3 am a month and a half prior to my due date, I began having contractions, and I knew she was on the way. She came so quickly, I doubted I would make it to the hospital! I did, however, and not 2 hours after I thought I was going into labor she came with a vengeance. I was terrified that she was premature. When I got to hold her, all was well. Savannah was tiny, but just fine. She was and is absolutely beautiful. From the very beginning, Savannah was different. Everything involving raising her and keeping her safe was a constant struggle. As a newborn, she couldn't hold any kind of formula down. Her weight plummeted until we found something that worked. She couldn't manage crawling until almost a year, and she didn't walk until 17 months of age. Her first seizure was at around 18 months, and thankfully, she has only had one more. That was 2 ! years ago, and she is six now. I still remember the fear of that day. Savannah was playing on the floor, and not a moment later, her eyes were rolled back into her head and she was shaking uncontrollably. I knew enough to hold her head up and to the side while calling an ambulance, and when it subsided, I picked her up and held her. She vomited all over herself as well as me, and as quickly as it came, she seemed fine. I remember holding her covered in vomit. I kept rocking her back and forth, repeating over and over, "You're okay, I'm okay." Savannah loves music. She loves video games and has the loudest, coolest laugh anyone has ever heard. She has many physical problems, including her bowels, feet, and eyesight. She attends public school, which I reconsider every day of my life. Doctors appointments are quite a joke. We refuse medication such as adderol. Savannah has taught me patience I never knew I could possess. At times, I believe she's smarter tha! n I'll ever be. I love to watch how excited she gets over th! e little st things. She has quirks that my family affectionately calls her ticks. She is extremely adamant about her clothes. She has to be unwrinkled and not at all dirty at all times. She loves anything "brand new" as she says, and she enjoys looking neat. She's not affectionate to most people, and she does not enjoy being touched. She doesn't care for other children because of this. But, man, when I'm sitting on the couch watching television, she'll crawl into my lap. I try not to overwhelm her, and I'll just sit and smell her hair. I'll rub her back for as long as she'll let me, and that's good enough for me. Savannah is a gift in my life. I learn something from her every single day.