Avianna is now 5 years old and she is low functioning, and non verbal, with the typical mood swings with the tendency to hurt herself or others when she is agitated. Needless to say she is a handful, so my wife does not work, and takes care of her when she is not in school because of various medical problems. With Avianna unable to communicate with us, we sometimes do not know when there is something wrong. On the bright side we are very fortunate that Avianna is a beautiful child, who is in general very happy as long as she is comfortable. I have to say Avianna gets a lot of special attention because of her looks, from everyone from stangers to teachers, so we count that as a blessing. Some of Avianna's favorite things to do is color, play with dolls, toy animals, and toy cars. Avianna also likes to go out on drives to get some fresh air. Some issues we have with Avianna is that she is very picky as to what she eats, she does not sleep well sometimes, and she fixates on certain people, which tends to scare people sometimes, especially other children. We have also found it is very difficult to give her medicine, because if she detects even the slightest change in taste she will not take it, even mixed in her favorite drinks or foods. Avianna is the light of out lives, but having two children with Autism is very challenging, and my wife and I have very little free time to ourselves, because some relatives are in denial about the fact, that she is in fact, Autistic. Some of them are finally coming around after 5 years, however it is hard to trust anyone to take care of her. We do the best we can and Avianna is happy and well taken care of. Written by Erik, her father.