Megan is my 5th of 6 children , and straight away i knew something was wrong. following a difficult birth, and resuss , scbu etc, megan seemed very unresposive and didnt like any physical contact. as she grew into a toddler she developped roughly as expected and in some things seemed forward ,but still unresponsive to emotion/feelings etc at play school they noticed her isolation and withdrawing from other children and started senco testing her. by that point i was relieved someone else had noticed what i was worring about ! all my family just thought she was weird and naughty!! she aso barely slept,had terrible sensory issues, hardly ate and was a nighmare! we moved to cambridgeshire and the school was awful ,we first got into, and finally we found a small village school where we have got lots of support and referred for diagnoes and help. we finally got a diagnosis just before cristmas but was no surprise at all and pior to that she had already been diagnosed ahd and on the spectrum, pervasive development disorder. she sleeps little still but eating has improved as has behavior hanks to a great asd nurse . mean is on meds for her adhd and has helped a lot, mixed feelings on this but it has worked ! she is 8 next week and is so much better and happier ! and we are coping losbetter asa family now. she is generally happy but does have the odd temper tantrum! se loves drawing and writing and her DS!! wouldnt change a thing about her although theres been hard times.